We went to Anama, snorkeled and had fun in the sun. I dove off the old bridge but these two guys didn’t….wimps. Ha ha ha….笑

snorkel = シュノーケルする

have fun = 楽しむ

dive off = 〜から飛び込む

a wimp = 弱虫

8 Responses to “Anama”

  1. ヨッシー says:


  2. Batman says:

    Anama is below the Foreigner’s Cemetary.

  3. love beer says:

    That looks like fun!
    Please invite me next time.

  4. Batman says:

    Hello Love Beer! OK! We might go this Saturday!

  5. love beer says:

    Will it be fine tomorrow?

  6. Batman says:

    Yes! It’s going to be beautiful tomorrow!! I don’t know yet if we are going, but if we do, I’ll mail you.

  7. RBC says:

    That’s a nice post.

  8. Batman says:

    Thank you RBC!!!

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