Cloud Atlas

I‘m interested in this movie.  It has an ensemble cast and I’m very interested in the movie’s theme:  the idea that there is no future, past or present; that what you do in your present life affects the past and future.  I have only seen the preview and read a few reviews….But unfortunately the reviews are mixed…. Maybe this is a DVD movie?


be interested in = 〜に興味がある

an ensemble cast = 映画に有名な俳優さん女優さん沢山出ている

affect = に影響する

a preview = 予告編

a review = 批評記事

unfortunately = 残念ながら

mixed = 良いと悪い両方

a DVD movie = 映画館で観る魅力がないと判断して、DVDで観ること



Click on the picture and movie will start.



4 Responses to “Cloud Atlas”

  1. forgot says:

    I would watch this movie onDVD.
    I don’t mean this movie is not value,there are few cinema in hakodate,aren’t there?

    So I would watch it on DVD in my house…

  2. Batman says:


    訂正: I would watch this movie on DVD not because I don’t think it’s worth seeing it at the movie theater, I think maybe it’s not going to come to Hakodate.

    I think this movie is definitely coming to Hakodate because it’s directed by a famous director, it’s big budget and there are many many famous actors and actresses in it: Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugo Weaving, Susan Sarandon, Hugh Grant and many many more. If it comes to Hakodate, let’s go see it! :-)

  3. forgot says:

    Big name!
    It seems be interesting ,entertaining.

    Yes!I will go see to the theater.

  4. Batman says:


    訂正: Woo!! Big names! It looks good, entertaining. Yes!, I want to go (and) see it.

    Yes, let’s go!!!! :-)

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