Camp Video

FINALLY!!!!! It took me probably over 20 hours to upload this video…. The original I made was very good but unfortunately, Youtube wouldn’t let me upload it because of the music I chose, so with a lot of help from my friend I found a way to upload a video directly to the homepage!!   Thank you ヨッシー! However, because the original video was too long I had to break it down into parts…which wasn’t very good because it lessened the impact of the video–like breaking down a parfait and eating it in parts…. So I edited and edited and re-edited to made it into one video.  It’s not as good as the original but I think you’ll get the spirit of the trip and I hope you like it.  Here’s the video with the original music!!! Enjoy! And I hope to see everyone next year!!

with a lot of help = 沢山の支援、応援、サポート、手伝い

a way = 方法

directly = 直接に

break it down into parts = バラして別々にする

lessened = 弱くすた

like breaking down a parfait and eating it in parts = パフェの材料をバラして別々に食べるように

edited and edited = 編集して編集して

re-edited = 再編集して

not as good as the original = オリジナルほどよくない

get the spirit = スピリッツをわかる

I hope you like it. = 気に入ってくれるといいな。。。







6 Responses to “Camp Video”

  1. love beer says:

    It is a great editing!!
    I came back memories…

  2. Batman says:

    Love Beerさんへ
    訂正: Nice editing! It brings back memories…

  3. ヨッシー says:


  4. Batman says:



    曲名は: Make My Day
    アーティストは: Common


  5. Xenia says:

    Did you slept in the tent?
    The nebukuro?


  6. Batman says:


    訂正: Did you sleep in a tent? In a sleeping bag? Oh….

    Yes, the guys slept in one tent, the girls slept in another tent and I slept in my tent, in a sleeping bag. What does “Oh…” mean?

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