October 15th, 2012

I wish I had 過去分詞 = 〜やればよかったな〜。。。


I wish I had studied more in high school.


I wish I hadn’t drunk so much yesterday.


I wish I wasn’t so forgetful.



This boy wishes he had gone to bed earlier last night….or maybe he doesn’t…. :-)




What do you wish?



I wish 主語→動詞(過去分詞)→結果/目的語




Great Song, Great Band

Here’s another great song by a great band.  The name of the song is “How it Ends” and the band’s name is Devotchka.  The video is not the official one but I like this version better.  The video is made by scenes taken from the movie “Everything will be Illuminated.”  This is also a great movie but unfortunately it’s not in Japan.

official = 正式


Click and video will start. クリックすると映像が始まります。




Hold your grandmother’s bible to your breast
Gonna put it to the test
You wanted to be blessed

And in your heart you know it to be true
You know what you gotta do
They all depend on you

And you already know
Yeah, you already know how this will end

There is no escape from the slave catcher’s songs
For all of the loved ones gone
Forever’s not so long

And in your soul they poked a million holes
But you never let em show
Come on, it’s time to go

And you already know
Yeah, you already know how this will end

Now you’ve seen his face
And you know that there’s a place in the sun
For all that you’ve done
For you and your children

No longer shall you need
You always wanted to believe
Just ask and you’ll receive
Beyond your wildest dreams

And you already know
Yeah, you already know how this will end.

Can you believe it?

Can you believe it?  =  信じられる?


I tried to upload a video to YouTube but they blocked it in 245 countries because I used copyrighted music.  245 countries!  But, if you live in Saint Martin or South Sudan, you can watch it.


block = 拒否する


Can you believe it?

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