Embarrassing Moment:  Volume 3


OK, today I had to go to the store to buy an eraser and some other things.  No problem, right?  But when I got to my car I realized that my hands were empty…. Yes, I left my bags on the packing counter…. I went back, and the store lady came out and handed me my bag…. My face turned red like a Christmas tree ornament….






December 25th, 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

funny = 笑えるような面白い

interesting = 興味深くて面白い

good = オールマイティーな面白い

Here are some funny Christmas pictures…..


December 20th, 2012

My embarrassing moment, Volume 2…..



Yesterday after I left the store I couldn’t find my car keys…. I went back to the store and asked the staff if they had found any keys (I sometimes leave my keys on the counter when I pay….) but they said no.  I walked around the store but I couldn’t find them….  I went back to the car and found my keys…. I had left them in the ignition…. 





I was very embarrassed…..



December 18th, 2012

be embarrassed = 恥ずかしい思いをしている(恥ずかしいです)

be embarrassing = 恥ずかしいこと




例1: I was embarrassed because my fly was open.


例2: Singing in front of people is embarrassing.



By the way, the other day I went to a restaurant and when I went back to my seat from the salad bar, I sat at the wrong table…. I was VERY embarrassed….. :-(



What is your “I was VERY embarrassed!” story?


Great Song

I heard this song last week and loved it immediately.  I thought it was a new band so I told my friend about it and he said, “Although this song is fairly new, the band is 5 years old….”


Anyways, the name of the song is “I Will Wait” and it’s by Mumford & Sons, and this kind of music is called folk rock music.  What do you think this song is about?  By the way, it’s not a love song.

まっ、曲名は『I Will Wait, 僕は待つよ』、バンド名は Mumford & Sons、そしてこういう音楽はフォークロックというジャンルです。この曲の意味は何だと思いますか?ところで、ラブソングではない。


And I came home
Like a stone
And I fell heavy into your arms
These days of dust
Which we’ve known
Will blow away with this new sun

And I’ll kneel down
Wait for now
And I’ll kneel down
Know my ground

And I will wait, I will wait for you
And I will wait, I will wait for you

So break my step
And relent
You forgave and I won’t forget
Know what we’ve seen
And him with less
Now in some way
Shake the excess

But I will wait, I will wait for you
And I will wait, I will wait for you
And I will wait, I will wait for you
And I will wait, I will wait for you

So I’ll be bold
As well as strong
And use my head alongside my heart
So tame my flesh
And fix my eyes
That tethered mind free from the lies

But I’ll kneel down
Wait for now
I’ll kneel down
Know my ground

Raise my hands
Paint my spirit gold
And bow my head
Keep my heart slow

Cause I will wait, I will wait for you
And I will wait, I will wait for you
And I will wait, I will wait for you
And I will wait, I will wait for you

December 10th, 2012

make up your mind = 決める




例文1: I can’t make up my whether to go skiing or skating….



例文2: Hurry up and make up your mind.



例文3:I can’t make up my mind….


December 6th, 2012

make a mistake = 間違う


These guys made a mistake…. Maybe they were absent that day?



By the way, I make lots of Japanese mistakes…sorry…. :-(

ところで、僕は沢山日本後を間違います。。。 :-(


What was the last mistake you made?


Me?  I bought the wrong batteries today…. :-)

僕?今日、全然違うバッテリーを買っちゃいました。。。 :-)

Some music videos….


Hello Everyone, 


Here are some music videos for you:


Johnny Cash & June Carter, “It Ain’t Me Babe”  (Country Music)

Johnny Cash is my favorite country singer and this is him and his wife, June, singing a Bob Dylan song.  Their’s is a great love story and if you want to learn more, please rent the movie, “Walk the Line.”  The Japanese title is ウォーク・ザ・ライン.  By the way, this is the opening song from the Maruyama camping video.

Johnny Cashは僕の一番好きなカントリー歌手です。これは彼と奥様のJuneとのデュエットです。曲はBob Dylanのカバーです。彼らの恋愛話は素晴らしいです。もっと知りたかったら是非ウォーク・ザ・ラインという映画を借りて見てて下さい。ところで、丸山のキャンプのビデオのオープニング曲です。ご覧下さい。


Kings of Leon, “Sex is on Fire”  (Country Alternative Rock)


Delta Spirit, “California”  (Indie Rock)


Local Natives, “Airplanes”  (Indie Rock)


Faye Wong, from the “Chungking Express” soundtrack

This is a cover of the Cranberries song, “Dream.”  I think I actually like this version better than the original.  Good movie, too.

これは The CranberriesというバンドのDreamという曲のカバーです。実はオリジナルよりこのカバーの方が好きかもしれません。映画は面白いし。日本語のタイトルは『愛する惑星』

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